Couture Collective is the brainchild of haute couturier Antonia Pugh-Thomas. Antonia set up her own couture business from her bedroom twenty-five years ago with £204.00 and a domestic machine.


Antonia has grown her business steadily over the years and can offer expert advice about how to succeed in the notoriously difficult world of couture.

She is a talented pattern cutter and dressmaker and combines this with a good head for business.

Mentoring many students over the years, she is passionate about promoting sewing and craftsmanship.


Antonia has made the decision to rein in her business and return to operating on her own after many years of employing a team of assistants. She continues to design and make for clients in one of the spaces at Couture Collective.


Browse our available work spaces and choose the perfect spot to suit your comfort and creativity


Apply to join our fantastic collective, using the form provided. A list of criteria is available on the How to Join page


Settle in and draw on the mixture of talent and experience that surrounds you, then start creating your pieces


With the benefit of twenty-five years’ experience, Antonia is well qualified to help those starting out in the fashion business with advice on technical skills, finance, marketing and developing contacts.

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