Feeding the Ducks

It’s feeling very Spring like today! And a nice day to feed the ducks, if you are lucky enough to have a pond or a local farm near you.

If you live in some areas of London you may not have this luxury.

The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens cites the following as a few of the reasons why having a local farm is so important: . Provide productive, creative, safe, high quality open spaces
. Offer opportunities for people to learn new skills and abilities, either informally or on formal accredited training courses
. Provide training places for adults with learning disabilities
. Add to the economic wealth of the area in which they are situated
. Employ the full-time staff and volunteers from the local area
. Improve physical and mental health in their communities
. Provide a valuable tool for bringing people together of different abilities, ages, cultures
. Aid in community cohesion and community development
. Produce fresh food
. Allow many communities contact with real live food (both animals and plants)

West London Farm needs your help to go forward, if you can, please pledge as much as you are able on their crowdfunding page – Crowdfunder